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Benefits of Engaging With CAPS

The St. Charles County CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) Program offers businesses, organizations, and industry professionals a unique opportunity to engage in career exploration and workforce development for high school students. By participating in CAPS, businesses can:
  1. Bridge the gap between education and industry: CAPS connects students with real-world professionals and experiences, providing invaluable insights into various career paths and industries.

  2. Foster talent pipeline: Engaging with CAPS allows businesses to identify and nurture talented students early on, potentially securing future employees who are well-prepared and aligned with their industry needs.

  3. Drive innovation and creativity: Collaboration with students encourages fresh perspectives and innovative thinking, sparking creativity within the organization and potentially leading to new ideas and solutions.

  4. Enhance corporate social responsibility: By investing in the development of local students, businesses demonstrate their commitment to community enrichment and the future workforce, fostering goodwill and positive public perception.

Why Partner with caps?

Providing a Transformative Educational Experience

St. Charles County CAPS Program offers businesses and industry professionals the opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of the workforce while benefiting from a mutually enriching partnership.

Company Site Visits

By opening your doors, you can: Showcase your industry and organization, inspiring future talent and potential employees.

Guest Speakers

Share real-world experience with motivated high school students. Showcase your industry knowledge and career journey, sparking interest and curiosity.

Business Client Projects

Access a talented pool of high school students eager to tackle real-world problems. Receive innovative solutions and fresh perspectives from a diverse group of young minds.


Access motivated high school students eager to gain real-world experience. Cultivate talent tailored to your industry needs.

Guest Speaker/Site Visit:

Industry experts and business visits are essential to St. Charles County CAPS. Our project-based approach minimizes lectures, relying on real-world input for success. Interested in being a guest speaker or welcoming CAPS Associates to your business or organization?

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Project Request:

Does your organization have a non-mission-critical project? Let CAPS associates tackle it at no cost. Complete a project request form to get started. Our team matches projects with qualified associates who work under instructor and mentor guidance. You, the client, will meet with the CAPS team for progress updates and feedback. Engaging in client projects is vital for skill development: communication, teamwork, time management, critical thinking, and more. 

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What makes a great project? It’s important but not a top priority, has the necessary data and expertise, a supportive sponsor, project management support, relevance to students, real outcomes, and room for exploration.

Internship Request

St. Charles County CAPS offers hands-on internship opportunities for students to gain real-world experience aligned with their academic and career interests. These internships provide valuable experiences for both students and employers. Typically, interns work 2.5 hours, 4 days per week during the spring semester. According to and, seven out of ten internships lead to full-time job offers. Interested in hosting an unpaid internship?

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Benefits of Internship

Sample Client Project

St. Charles County CAPS website client project for the Foristell Chambers of Commerce. A short video showing project introduction by a business partner, delivery of completed project, and presentation by students.