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Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is a nationally recognized, innovative high school program. Students fast forward into their future and are fully immersed in a professional culture, solving real world problems, using industry standard tools and are mentored by actual employers, all while receiving high school and college credit. CAPS is an example of how business, community and public education can partner to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of tomorrow, especially in high skill, high demand jobs.

No. CAPS provides students the opportunity to deeply explore professional areas of interest through a profession-based, inquiry learning method. CAPS is driven by the changing workforce needs of industry, therefore instructors and CAPS business partners collaborate to develop coursework. CAPS curriculum is dynamic, constantly evolving to follow industry trends and market changes using a copyrighted rapid prototyping curriculum development process.

St. Charles County CAPS is a profession‐based learning approach where students are fully immersed in the business community, treated as professionals and participate in real projects, using industry standard tools with real business partners.  Students will gain professional skills in high demand/high skill careers. Students will begin their professional network with business partners and mentors, therefore jump‐starting their career all before they enter college.

While each institution has different admission standards, showing the ability to complete real-world interdisciplinary projects is proving to differentiate CAPS students on college, university, and scholarship applications.

CAPS courses offer high school credit. The type of credit is determined by the home school district.  College credit (dual credit) is available through Lindenwood University for the Professional Skills Boot Camp and the Professional Experiences (Internships or Observation Rotations).

CAPS courses meet 5 days a week for both semesters. The AM session runs from 7:30 AM – 10 AM and the PM session runs from 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM.  The classrooms are held at off-site business locations.

The Fall Semester involves developing soft skills, exploring careers with industry professionals as guest speakers, and visiting multiple companies. Students collaborate in teams to finish business client projects, participate in Mock Interviews to develop interviewing skills, and apply for internships for the second semester.

Check out our 2023 Fall Semester Newsletter to learn more.

The Spring Semester focuses on hands-on internship opportunities for students, allowing them to gain real-world experience aligned with their academic and career interests. These internships benefit both students and employers significantly. Interns usually work 2.5 hours, 4 days a week, from the second week of January until the first Thursday in May. On Fridays, students return to the classroom for career exploration and to work on passion projects.

Check out our 2022 Spring Semester Newsletter to learn more.

John Omoresemi

As a CAPS Instructor, I bring six years of experience facilitating transformative learning experiences in the realms of Creative Media, Engineering, and Applied Technology. Passionate about my role, I firmly believe in the power of the CAPS program as a catalyst for career exploration and the cultivation of durable skills among high school students. My dedication to this program stems from its potential to empower students to discover their passions and future career paths. I derive immense fulfillment from guiding and mentoring young minds as they navigate their journey into adulthood. Contributing positively to the development of these students is not just a job for me; it's a sense of purpose and a commitment to enhancing public education. Witnessing the personal and career growth of CAPS students is deeply motivating. I take pride in hearing success stories of former students who have secured substantial college scholarships, competitive internships, and lucrative positions with esteemed companies, all thanks to the skills and connections fostered through CAPS. In essence, my role as a CAPS Instructor is driven by a profound belief in the program's ability to shape the futures of young individuals and make a tangible impact on their lives.

Will, employed by Stauder Technology, has his college tuition covered by the company and will join them after graduation. CAPS played a pivotal role in building his confidence, providing real-world experience, and allowing him to apply his computer science talents. Immediate validation from Mr. O and Mr. Stauder affirmed his skills and potential for success. Through CAPS, Will experienced significant personal growth, gaining professionalism and turning aspirations into tangible opportunities, securing both a job and tuition support. Surrounding himself with like-minded individuals at work has made him happy and motivated. As parents, we're immensely grateful for CAPS, which enabled Will to find his passion and purpose. Mr. O's high expectations and Stauder Technology's internship offer and tuition support were instrumental. Our CAPS experience is truly a parent's dream for their child.

Amy Behrens CAPS Parents Class of 2020 & 2021

During his time in the CAPS program, Thomas's self-confidence has flourished remarkably. I've witnessed his transformation from a hesitant, disheartened teenager to a self-assured, confident individual. He now embraces challenges with organized steps, overcoming what once seemed daunting. Exploring various career options, Thomas has identified his interests and determined his desired path of study, all before graduating high school. Initially, he entered CAPS with fixed career plans, but his goals evolved within the first year. Now, as he approaches the program's end, Thomas has honed his preferences in the IT field and crafted a solid plan for further education and future employment opportunities.

Kathi Peters CAPS Parent Class of 2022 - 2024

CAPS has provided our kids with hands-on, real-world training to help them discern their career preferences. Their proficiency in navigating LinkedIn has offered ample opportunities to connect with professionals in their chosen fields, leading to internships they might not have found otherwise. Undoubtedly, CAPS has been the best decision our kids have made regarding their high school education. Despite potentially taking fewer AP classes, CAPS has proven to be far more beneficial for their future career prospects.

Liz Burzynski CAPS Parent Class of 2020-2022 & 2023-2024

Joseph's experience with CAPS has been overwhelmingly positive, contributing significantly to his personal and academic growth. Through CAPS, he's embraced job opportunities and even joined the National Guard, a decision fueled by the program's impactful influence. Academically, Joseph has thrived, particularly in learning resume-building skills and mastering the art of delivering elevator pitches. The internship opportunities provided by CAPS have been instrumental, offering real-world experiences not typically found in traditional classrooms. These internships could potentially lead to future employment opportunities. Joseph's involvement with CAPS, coupled with his experience with the National Guard, has clarified his career aspirations. Previously uncertain, he now aspires to pursue a career in IT after attending college. We're impressed with Joseph's teacher, whose expertise and effective teaching methods have greatly benefited him. Overall, our experience with CAPS has been immensely rewarding, guiding Joseph towards a path of personal and professional fulfillment.

Nancy Wilson CAPS Parent Class of 2024

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Prospective CAPS parents students should read the following testimonials to gain insights into real experiences, successes, and the value CAPS program offers in shaping professional journeys. Watch the CAPS Experience below!

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