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Fuel your passion for engineering in our career exploration program!

About The Course

This course is designed for students eager to delve into the engineering design process through hands-on projects. Learn the ropes of engineering principles, problem-solving, and innovation under the mentorship of seasoned industry professionals.

Key Features:

Client Projects-Authentic Learning Opportunities!

Experience the real-world impact at CAPS! High school students engage in authentic client projects from local businesses, applying classroom learning to solve real challenges. It’s not just a project; it’s a symbiotic journey – students gain practical skills, and businesses receive innovative solutions. Join CAPS, where collaboration transforms education into meaningful results for both students and businesses!

Passion Projects

Ignite your passion with personalized exploration at CAPS! 🔍💡 High school students delve into research and complete passion projects, uncovering interests and potential career paths. It’s not just a project; it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join CAPS, where passion projects pave the way for students to shape their unique career narratives and unlock their full potential! 🚀🌟

Ready for the CAPS Experience?

Talk to your counselor at school and apply for the 24-25 school year!

Why Explore Engineering Careers?
Diverse Specializations: Engineering offers various disciplines such as civil, mechanical, and electrical, providing students with a wide range of career paths to explore.
Innovation: Engineers drive innovation by creating solutions to real-world problems, offering students the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and projects.
Global Impact: Engineering careers have a significant global impact, from designing sustainable infrastructure to developing life-saving medical devices, allowing students to contribute to positive change on a large scale.
Problem-Solving Skills: Engineering fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for addressing complex challenges in diverse industries, enhancing students' adaptability and resilience.
Job Security: With increasing demand for skilled engineers across various sectors, exploring engineering careers provides students with strong job prospects and long-term career stability.